Michael Checknoff - Psychotherapist
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Gibson Building
6525 N. Charles St.
Towson, MD 21204

On the campus of the Sheppard Pratt Health System

Email: mchecknoff@gmail.com


I am proud to be an Associate in The Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute of Maryland, located on the campus of the Sheppard Pratt Health System in Towson, MD. I owe a huge debt to co-directors Sally Winston, Psy.D. and Steve Shearer, Ph.D. for their leadership and for all they, and the associates of ASDI have taught me. We continue to meet and learn from each other weekly, which is invaluable.

There's a lot of great information on the Institute's website:

I'm a member of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, which is the best professional organization for specialists in treating anxiety and related disorders: http://adaa.org

 I am also a member of the IOCF, the International OC Foundation, which is the best organization for specialists in treating OCD: http://ocfoundation.org

Also great are the following websites:

I no longer participate in plan with insurance companies.
Webcam therapy available under certain circumstances.